Thursday, January 6, 2011

Interview with the legendary Mr. Abdul Rahman "Bandeyri".

When asked about what our country has been blessed with, the beauty of our beaches and the awe-inspiring underwater sights are what comes to mind for most of us. We usually forget about one of our most important possessions that has had a major influence on our culture, and one that has played a major role in our history. That possession is our language, Dhivehi.
We must value the efforts of people such as the well-known Bandeyri; he with his mobile bookshop has done more to preserve our national treasure than most other people.

Watch our interview with "Bandeyri" below to get a unique insight into his perspectives on various topics.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Against Extremism in the Maldives

Our little island-nation is going through a lot of changes. Our rapid and remarkable development since the 70's has opened our geographically reclusive country to new outlooks and ideologies. We have realized the value of democracy, and the right to have an opinion and to speak one's mind.
However, our country has never looked more divided that it does today. Extremism, both religious and political, has hijacked our nation. Our country is at an economic crisis, and the "I'm right, you're wrong" mindset has stalled our progress in getting through it. We have to get rid of this mindset, and learn how to work together and value differing opinions to not only get out of the crisis, but to mature as a country.